Understanding Bean Validation 2.0

Number of pages: 130


Validating data is a common task that Java developers have to do and it is spread throughout all layers (from client to database) of an application. This common practice is time-consuming, error prone, and hard to maintain in the long run. Besides, some of these constraints are so frequently used that they could be considered standard (checking for a null value, size, range, etc.). It would be good to be able to centralise these constraints in one place and share them across layers.

That’s when Bean Validation comes into play.

In this fascicle, you will learn Bean Validation and use its different APIs to apply constraints on a bean, validate all sorts of constraints, write your own constraints and a few advanced topics such as integrating Bean Validation with other frameworks (JPA, JAX-RS, CDI, Spring).

Table of Contents

This ebook is 130 pages long and is structured in the following way:

  1. First Step with Bean Validation
  2. Understanding Bean Validation
  3. Getting Started
  4. Applying Constraints
  5. Validating Constraints
  6. Writing Constraints
  7. Advanced Topics
  8. Integrating Bean Validation with Other Technologies
  9. Putting It All Together
  10. Summary
  11. Appendixes 

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